Buzzing: “I Need to Start a Garden” by Haley Heynderickx

I stumbled upon singer/songwriter Haley Heynderickx three weeks ago and have been under her spell ever since. Her debut album I Need to Start a Garden was released this past March via Mama Bird Recording Co. and is worth more than just a few listens.

When trying to think of the right adjective to describe Heyndrickx’s music, the word whimsical comes to mind. Her lyrics, while introspective, are clever and playful. I can’t help but smile at the alliteration of “praying mantis/ prancing on your bathtub” and “you swear its a priest/ from a past life out to getcha” in the second verse of “The Bug Collector.” At the same time, Heyndrickx’s musical choices are cathartic and soothing, paired best with a candlelit bath or a rainy Sunday morning in bed.

Even so, it is actually Heyndrickx’s voice that has captured my attention. While at times it can sound desperate, pleading, and nearly on the point of breaking, such as when she shouts “I need to start a garden” over and over in the track “Oom Sha La La,” it also has a unique and captivating warmth. Through it, Heyndricks invites us into her garden, to sit and reflect and enjoy the beauty in the world around us.

My favorite tracks: “The Bug Collector,” “Show You a Body,” “Untitled God Song,” and “Drinking Song”


Check out the rest of I Need to Start a Garden below:

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