Buzzing: “You Don’t Wanna Feed the Fire Anymore” by Goldwash

Goldwash’s new music video for “You Don’t Wanna Feed the Fire Anymore” is a true treasure trove of visual and sonic pleasure. Directed by Allison Jensen with cinematography by Samuel Moskowitz, the music video’s color palate augments the dreamlike and psychedelic mood of the single. The storyline, on the other hand, serves as a great introduction to the title of Goldwash’s first full-length album, Flat Earth Surf Club, expected summer 2019.

A well-versed musician with an educational background in jazz and classical composition, Goldwash demonstrates impressive skill and versatility when it comes to blending musical styles. This track incorporates elements that evoke 1950s surf music, such as the “wet” surf reverb instrumental interludes between lyric changes in the chorus and dreamy falsetto vocals. This falsetto, overlaid with swelling harmonies, also enhances the pleading refrain of “baby, come back.” Despite the beach vibe, and recent time spent in Ensenada, Mexico, Goldwash still gives a nod to his hometown in the second verse with the line “lost in Baltimore.”

If you like what you see and hear, check out more Goldwash on SoundCloud and Spotify and be on the lookout for new music this summer!

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